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Who we are?

"Tagtaa Solutions "LLC has been providing website & software development since 2015.We offer a comprehensive service technology under the slogan of "All-in-one information technology services.

Our goal: to co-create startups with good breeding and shared values. Without being a co-working space, an investment fund or a business incubator, we offer digital expertise, dedicated desks and access to an entrepreneur ecosystem for startups in the fields of communities, mobile apps, SaaS plateforms and ecommerce.

A key component of your transformation, your digital strategy requires special attention. We provide you with the support you need all during your project. Through regular workshops, brainstormings and idea sharing, we help grow your initial idea into a cutting-edge digital solution.

Why choose us?

Efficient and immersive user experience is the way to capture attention and deliver a clear message. This is why we believe, first and foremost, that usability serves design. And that all design must be elegant and innovative.

We're here to make your wishes come true. Our support method will turn your bright idea into a real prototype, and then grow it into a profitable business.


Strong support of your digital innovation for a strong and lasting relationship.

Unique Design

Unique Design

We don't have a standard offer. Because every project is unique, rest assured that every one of our ideas is too

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Based remotely, we don’t have a trendy postcode or offices to pay for. This enables us to offer attractive rates while offering a premium quality service.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We can work fast or take our time to include you into the whole process.



We work flexible hours, so you always expect a prompt reply to your email or phone call. We have clients all over the world, and are happy to get up early or stay up late to get in touch with you fitting your schedule.

Guarenteed Quality

Guarenteed Quality

Just because our work is done, it doesn't mean we're done with you. We're always available to suggest new ideas and help you develop yours as the months and years go by.

How it works?

1. Submit Project

Describe your work requirements.

Projects with a well-defined scope and a fair budget have the best chance of being accepted.

2. Receive Quote

We evaluate your request and give you’re the estimation. A member of our team will follow up with you and help you with any details or questions you have.

3. Start Project

Once a project owner is matched with a team, and the scope is agreed upon by both sides, part or all of the funds are temporarily transferred to a secure account.

4. Get your product

When the project is complete and delivered, the project owner confirms the work and triggers the release of the funds to the professional.

1. Submit Project

Describe your work requirements.

Projects with a well-defined scope and a fair budget have the best chance of being accepted.


Above and beyond project success, we have another goal: to be proud.

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  • Social media
  • Web app
  • Brochure websites
  • Online shop
  • Information systems
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Mobile app
  • Multiple devices
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows mobile
  • UX/UI
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Web hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Cloud Server
  • Business email
  • Web security
  • SSL certificate


We had the pleasure to work together with some remarkable companies.


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